Hi!  I’m Monique (aka The POTS Coach), a Certified Fitness Trainer and a POTS Warrior! I take a Practical Holistic Approach to Training and Life. I also create programs for people like me who are struggling with the many symptoms of POTS. I give my fellow POTS Warriors the tools and knowledge to get more “spoons” in your day so that you can get more accomplished, while giving your body the rest that it also needs. Because the medical community does not offer many lifestyle solutions for us, I developed a method that focuses on mindset, nutrition and movement, which is the recipe for getting back to living even with a diagnosis of POTS!

I am on a mission to share how the healthy changes I’ve made have allowed me to work full time, lose weight, finish my degree ( I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management) and obtain a Fitness Trainer Certification all while kicking POTS in the Booty!  Because I’ve been there (actually, I am there) I can help you be a participant in your life instead of a bystander due to fatigue, abdominal issues and loneliness.

And when I’m not helping my fellow POTS Warriors add more spoons to their day, I binge watch The Hallmark Channel! (Stop laughing)

OK, here are a few more interesting facts about me:

  • I love to bake

  • I love to take selfies

  • I’m an introvert

Interested in learning more about what I do and how I can help you?  You can email me directly at moniquestinson@phattlife.org to schedule a discovery call.  Talk to ya soon! xo

Oh, since you read my bio, you deserve a gift!  Go here to download a few low carb and DELICIOUS recipes #YoureWelcome

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