I Think I Have an Addiction 🤷🏽‍♀️

I Think I Have an Addiction 🤷🏽‍♀️

Ok, when I reveal what it is, you’re probably going to roll your eyes 🙄 BUT I really, really like it!! I know some people may think this is weird and that’s ok. I’m different and I’m ok with that 🤪So let me tell you what I used to be addicted to….SUGAR!! I literally had to have ‘something sweet’ after every meal. It was insane! I felt like I couldn’t help it; like there was this force controlling me and making me crave sugar after every meal. After gaining weight, I had enough and decided to commit to losing the weight. After a few weeks of following a program of eating clean and working out, I was able to ignore that force that caused me to crave sugar after each meal, it went away 🙌🏼 💃🏽 and I felt more in control. I started craving healthier foods 😱 like this

This was my dinner!!! It was sooooo delicious! What we have here is a beautiful, nutrient-dense salad. I know, I know what’s so exciting about a salad? Well, I really look forward to it. My body actually craves it. So what’s in it you ask? Well…. grilled chicken, mixed greens, sunflower greens, strawberries, avocado, hemp seeds, flax seed oil & a healthy salad dressing 😍 It was heavenly! Now, there’s a reason I chose these ingredients so stay tuned and I’ll share the benefits of each. Until then bon appetit 🤗

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