Health and Wellness

Health and wellness….we all love it (ok, not really). I mean we all want to be healthy and well but we don’t want to make the changes we need to make in order to be healthy and well. We want to eat what we want to eat, drink what we want to drink, sit on the couch and be healthy and fit! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that (the universe is cruel that way). Anywho, like I mentioned on my all about me page, I want to, hopefully, help US embrace change so that we can follow the ebb and flow of life. Change is necessary, I mean, we wouldn’t have Beautiful butterflies if it weren’t for change and we need to accept it, embrace it and use it as a reminder from the Universe that we’ve gotten comfortable and it’s time to grow and learn and more importantly, BECOME something new.

So make sure you subscribe to this blog so that we can create some new, healthy habits. We will accept and embrace that the way we’re currently eating and living isn’t serving us and it’s not allowing us to live the life that we’ve imagined. Come on, let’s do this! Let’s CHANGE! Join me!