Halloween is Over but Employers Still Love to Play Ghost 👻

Halloween is Over but Employers Still Love to Play Ghost 👻

Picture it (in my Sophia Petrillo voice) Any Town, USA 2017 and a very intelligent woman is asked out by, what appears to be, a great guy! She accepts the invite and they go on their first date. The date went great! They laughed, talked a lot and got to really know each other. The intelligent woman goes home and feels like she’s met the one and can’t wait to go on another date. Days and even weeks go by and she doesn’t hear from the great guy! What happened? It appeared they had chemistry and there was a mutual connection!! Why didn’t he call?!

Intelligent woman is heart broken and feels like such a loser and shares her experience with her friends and family so they all know what a jerk ‘great guy’ is!


If you’ve ever been a job seeker, then this is a familiar story. You see, the employer-employee relationship has similar characteristics of ANY relationship and first impressions are lasting impressions, not only for the job seeker, but for the employer as well. After a candidate has agreed to an interview with a company, that’s akin to a first date. You guys are getting to know each other and trying to decide if there is a connection and if you two should enter into a relationship. Whether there’s a connection or not, it’s just basic good manners (or good business) to contact that candidate to let them know that you just weren’t that into them (you wouldn’t say it like that and I’ll share the best way to reject applicants and candidates in another post). Their feelings may be hurt but at least they know where they stand and they can still respect you. What Human Resources and Hiring Managers forget is that behind those hundreds of applications are human beings; Human beings with feelings, families and overdue bills and maybe on the brink of going bankrupt.  Not a pretty picture, huh? It’s real life and these are human beings, for goodness sake!

Today’s job market has taken a beautiful turn and it’s job seekers/employees who have the upper hand. Don’t believe me? Just checkout sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Job seekers/applicants can now tell EVERYBODY about their experiences with organizations and how their interview processes are (woot woot!). Let’s not forget YouTube, Blogs and other social media platforms can give job seekers & employees a voice they’ve never had before!! Yes, these are the best of times and these are also the worst of times if you are an employer who loves to play ghost.

Ghosting is when you simply disappear and job seekers/candidates have been experiencing disappearing acts from employers for years!  I’ve done it (hangs head in shame).  I worked for an employer that did not have an applicant tacking system (I hate those btw and will explain in another post) and was instructed to use an Excel spreadsheet (stop laughing). Before me, they didn’t receive the hundreds of applications and resumes that I had amassed and they weren’t prepared for an over achiever, like myself (pats self on the back).  I just could not keep up with the amount of applications and my employer refused to help me by investing in an applicant tracking system (they did find the money for a fancy coffee machine and other fluff that didn’t help with the bottom line).  I felt HORRIBLE!!! But if you can, Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Professionals, Hiring Managers and Employers, PLEASE invest in some sort of follow-up system for applicants and candidates.  Trust me, people talk and your reputation is on the line, so please send a quick email to let the HUMAN that applied or interviewed for a position with your organization, who may have traveled long distance, who canceled doctors appointments to meet you, who has received past due notices and who desperately NEEDS a job, PLEASE don’t go ghost and just let this HUMAN BEING know if they have the job or not.

~The Change Management Boss

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