THE Change Management BOSS!

What the heck is Change Management? Wait….you really don’t know?

Ok, I’ll accept that many haven’t heard of that term yet but I came across a definition on that I absolutely love! “Change management is the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes”

I LOVE that definition!! That’s me in a nutshell 🤗 I’ve ALWAYS been a Change Management BOSS before there was a term for it. Back in 2007, I accepted a District Sales Manager position with a company in the beauty industry. During training, it was obvious they weren’t going to be around much longer if they didn’t CHANGE the way they were USED to doing business. I tried to tell everyone in upper management but everyone looked at me as if I didn’t have a clue (I was hired to just do my job and manage my team). I shared my suggestions on every employee survey, in hopes someone would take heed. I predicted if they didn’t make certain changes, they were going to feel it in five years. Well, four years later, I and 900 other employees in the U.S. market were laid off. I said I told you so and continued with my life. Last year, I happened to see a new commercial for this company and I checked out their website and I was shocked! I then spoke with a friend who was still working there and she shared with me the changes the company had made and THE CHANGES WERE EVERYTHING I’D SUGGESTED!!! They stole my ideas and let me go without giving me credit!!! I realized I had done this on every job I had! I saw what needed to change and I desperately sought out those in management to let them know what needed to change (I know, I really can’t help it…I want everyone to succeed) I  became fully aware that I was not crazy or a bad employee for wanting my employer to succeed but I am a Change Management BOSS (whew! I don’t need years of therapy now) Unfortunately, many businesses are just like individuals and the CEO has a difficult time embracing that what they were doing isn’t working anymore and they need to CHANGE (just compare Eddie Lampert of Sears to Jeff Bezos of Amazon to see how accepting and embracing change can make or break a company).  So I’m on a mission to help companies accept and embrace change AND help them make the appropriate shifts in their business to allow change to take place.