THIS Program WILL Get You Ready for Summer! 🙌🏼

Hey you! Are you willing to commit to a 3-month program of fitness and structured nutrition to sculpt a lean, strong core, a firm round butt, and achieve the best body transformation of your life? Duh, of course? Then keep reading…

This unique program is a fitness and nutrition program designed to simultaneously shrink and tighten your core while lifting and firming your butt. Check out these results!

So What Do I Get

• to experience 80 unique, real-time workouts targeted on 6 focus areas: Legs, Booty, Total Body Core, Cardio Core, AAA (Arms, Abs, A**), and Cardio Flow.

• intense strength and cardio workouts that include weights, Resistance Loops, and Strength Slides, you’ll target your glutes and abs, as well as your legs, arms, chest, back, and shoulders.

• Includes a modifier who demonstrates the moves at a lower intensity.

• It includes a Timed-Nutrition Eating Plan to ensure you’re fueling your body at just the right times to burn fat, build muscle, and keep your energy up.

Is this the right program for you? Well, if you’re…

• An Intermediate to advanced exerciser who is willing to commit to a 3-month program of fitness and structured nutrition to sculpt a lean, strong core, a firm round butt, and achieve the best body transformation of their life, then this is your soulmate program 💃🏽

Why is this program different?

• This is the only program where you can work out with the trainer and the entire cast in “real time,” giving you the motivation and support you need to help you stay accountable!

• With 80 unique routines that target six focus areas and give you insane workout variety, it feels like you have your very own personal trainer!

• You’ll also go behind the scenes with the trainer and the cast in Weekly videos where they’ll share their successes and challenges through the entire 80-day experience.

• The program is broken down into three phases that switch up the moves and reps to keep you from plateauing.

• The Eating Plan introduces modified Refeed Days in Phase 2 so you can work out harder, plus optional Deplete Days during Peak Week to really help maximize your results.

• You’ll be eating specific types of foods around your workouts to maximize how your body uses those nutrients.

• Key to Success: Just like committing to your workouts, being prepared with your food is key to getting your best results with this program. The Eating Plan gives you tips on how to plan and prep your meals in advance.

You have about three months to get ready for the summer and THIS PROGRAM WILL GET YOU #SummerReady

Ready? Just click this👉🏼 link to watch & click👉🏼 here to get it

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