Everything You Think You Know About Healthy Eating is Wrong and it’s Making You Fat and Tired

There is no shortage of health information available on the internet, in the media, and from well-meaning family and friends. But some of that information may be doing you more harm than good. In this post I spill the beans about some common healthy eating myths and what matters just as much or even more than “how much” you eat. Learn why “what” you eat and “how” you eat it are super-important things to consider. Plus try my green smoothie meal recipe. HINT: Smoothies should be considered “meals” not snacks or drinks.

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Three Ways to Avoid Overeating at Meals

We all do it. Sometimes the amazing aroma and delicious flavor gets the best of us. Especially if we're a bit on the hungry (or hangry) side. I'm talking about overeating at meals. I know that many people who struggle with Dysautonomia have digestive issues and probably don’t eat enough. But there are some who don’t have digestive issues or they ignore their digestive woes and tend to overeat which can exacerbate your symptoms due to the increase of blood volume in your stomach. This can have a big impact on our weight, energy levels, and overall health and wellbeing. Of course our body needs food to fuel it and we often (usually) eat amazingly healthy foods. But we may still overeat. In this post I'm going to give you three solid tips for preventing that from happening. Seriously! If you can make these three things a regular habit and part of your daily routine you've got one up on the overeating cravings.

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