5 Tips to End Sugar Cravings

So, in my last post, I shared how I USED TO BE a sugaraholic.  I received several messages from people saying they wished they weren’t addicted to sugar and they wish they could eat the way I was eating. You may see me working out and eating salads now BUT, it hasn’t always been that way.  I LOVED sugar!  So much so, that I became a pretty good baker.  Yeah, I wanted REAL desserts and not store-bought ones.  I also needed to have something sweet after lunch and dinner.  It was almost like I HAD to have something sweet; like a true addict.  It was pretty bad.  (more…)

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Making the CHANGE-Weightloss Diary

Ugh!!!! I’m faaaattttttttt again!!!!!!!! This has been sooo challenging. Ok, let me give you an amended life story so you can understand what I’m dealing with…I grew up overweight and was picked on for it throughout my childhood. After my dad died from cancer when I was 26, I decided to make a CHANGE with my diet and my mom and I started going to the gym RELIGIOUSLY. We went so often the people at the desk knew our membership numbers. Eventually, the weight came off and I was down from a size 20 to a size 12 or 10. (more…)

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Halloween is Over but Employers Still Love to Play Ghost 👻

Picture it (in my Sophia Petrillo voice) Any Town, USA 2017 and a very intelligent woman is asked out by, what appears to be, a great guy! She accepts the invite and they go on their first date. The date went great! They laughed, talked a lot and got to really know each other. The intelligent woman goes home and feels like she’s met the one and can’t wait to go on another date. Days and even weeks go by and she doesn’t hear from the great guy! What happened? It appeared they had chemistry and there was a mutual connection!! Why didn’t he call?! (more…)

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