Why Am I Always Hungry?

The Gospel of Wellness Blog: If you always feel hungry, did you know that it’s not always a physical need for nutrition? It can be psychological or emotional. Sometimes we feel hungry because we’re bored, sad, or stressed. I help you get to the bottom of that hunger feeling in this post.

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Ketogenic Diet 101

The Gospel of Wellness Blog Carbs are your body’s favorite fuel. Your brain and muscles love it. But, did you know your natural “backup fuel” is ketones? Yup! You’re designed to run on ketones when you don’t get enough carbs. Click here to find the 101 on the ketogenic diet.

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Hey, Minister! You Should Practice Mindfulness and Meditation. Here’s why…

The Gospel of Wellness Blog: Yes, science is showing great health benefits of meditation and mindfulness (maybe that's why the Bible mentions it several times). Have you ever thought that it could help your mood, weight, and gut health? Click here to read all about it.

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