Breathe and Heal

Deep breathing helps reset your autonomic nervous system – the system that controls your automatic functions like your heartbeat, blood pressure, swallowing, etc. – into a calmer space. Here's a simple breathing exercise you can use right now!

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In a Bad Mood? Eat This.

The Gospel of Wellness Blog-Pastors can’t be in a good mood all of the time. Many don’t realize, though, that there are mood-boosting foods and mood-busting foods. You may not be surprised with the boosters, but there are some busters that mimic boosters. Some mood-busting junk foods are engineered to trick your body into feeling “good” when in fact, this feeling becomes fleeting and soon disappears. Want to know what’s on my “mood-boosting” and “mood-busting” lists that Ministry Leaders don’t recognize? Click here to find out.

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3 Effective Ways to Move Your Church Forward

Whew, chile! Did the coronavirus just divide the church? Should you go to church? Should you stay home? No matter what you decide, the reality is that many churches need to change the way we “do church” and here are 3 effective methods that Pastors can implement today to move their church forward while ditching those antiquated ways of worship.

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