So, here’s my story (***long post***). I grew up overweight. Yep, I was one of those kids that the other kids picked on. I remember praying to God to make me thin when I woke up the next morning and, you guessed it, He didn’t. So I went through my school years dealing with jokes and name calling. When I entered high school I had my first boyfriend. I can’t remember how long we dated but I remember over hearing him and one of his friends talking and his friend asked him why was he with a fat girl when he could have this other chick. So I dumped him. I had one other boyfriend in high school and then thank God, I graduated….Moving forward several years, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and then passed away. I wanted to know how to not get cancer and everything I read was eat right, and exercise. So I joined a popular weightloss plan. I lost about 40lbs over a year. I never reached my goal weight but I looked really good (I went from an 18 to a 12). Since the leader (you probably know what ‘plan’ I’m talking about now 🙂 )  never helped me get over my plateau, I stopped attending the meetings and just did my own thing. I was able to maintain my weight loss over 10 years and then it happened…….the weight started to come back. OMG! Not again! Not only did the weight start to come back but I also had some really weird things going on. I remember going to the doctor for a check-up and they would ask me if I was ok after checking my blood pressure. I would say yeah, and I was told that my pressure wasn’t registering. They never did anything about it and just sent me on my way. I also noticed that I would get dizzy if I got up too quickly or after standing from doing certain exercises. I also was EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED. I would feel like I’d taken a sleeping pill. I still battle with extreme fatigue, so much so that it brings me to tears. The fatigue would get worse if I worked out too intensely (I couldn’t function for days). I also noticed a growth in neck. Another debilitating issue is extreme sweating. It’s like if I start getting hot, my body can’t regulate itself. My body will keep getting hotter and hotter and then it’ll immediately stop (I know sweating is the body’s way of cooling off). One day, after getting out of the bed, I woke up on the floor. I couldn’t believe I was on the floor! I got up and brushed it off. Months went by and I blacked out again. More months go by and then I blacked out again and this time I began crying and immediately called my doctor. Doctor #1 referred me to Doctor #2 & Doctor #3. Before seeing Doctor #2, I had to take a saliva test that cost over $200. I take the test and I go to Doctor #2 to explain the results. He said the saliva test showed that I had something called Adrenal fatigue and was borderline Addison’s disease. Great! I have a name and we can fix it. He prescribes some supplements and tells me not to workout for a little while because my adrenal glands needed to rest. Meanwhile, I see Doctor #3, an endocrinologist. He checks the growth in my neck (several tests that I can’t remember) and ordered lab work. When I went back to Doctor #3 to get the test results, I was told that I have a cyst in the middle of my thyroid that needs to be checked periodically but my thyroid function is within normal range. He says I’m borderline prediabetic and I need to cut out starches and workout two hours a day. I told him about the Adrenal fatigue diagnosis but he laughed it off and said that is not a real disease. I tell Doctor #2 and he said some choice words about Doctor #3. I see Doctor #2 a few more times but didn’t really feel better (I even postponed my wedding because I thought I’d feel better) so I ended my relationship with Doctor #2. Meanwhile Doctor #1 closes their practice and refers me to Doctor #4. I see Doctor #4 and our first visit was kinda lengthy and they explain to me that I should not get use to this much attention because they don’t spend that much time with their patients (REALLY!). Anywho, Doctor #4 runs some test and then refers me to Doctor #5, a rheumatologist. Doctor #4 suspects that I have Fibromyalgia. Doctor #5 was awesome! She ran some test and one of the test showed that my 5-HIAA levels were elevated which could signify that I had carcinoid or a tumor. A TUMOR!!!! So Doctor #5 refers me to Doctor #6 who’s an oncologist for a scan. Results show that there’s no tumor-thank God! But Doctor #5 and I still wonder why my levels were elevated. Doctor #4 also referred me to Doctor #7 to get a tilt table test. The tilt table test showed that I have P.O.T.S. Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. There’s no cure for POTS and it’s rather annoying. Doctor #4 leaves and takes another job and I’m referred to Doctor #8. More tests are run and I begin seeing Doctor #9 a physician assistant who really listens to me and I really like. More tests are run and by this point I take medical leave to see if it’s stress that’s causing my problems. During my medical leave I see Doctors 10-13! Now I have metabolic syndrome and PCOS. Well, in my opinion, I developed metabolic syndrome and PCOS because we didn’t uncover what was wrong with me years ago.  So I decided to take my health back into my own hands and I got a certification in fitness training and dropped the weight and many symptoms are gone and I help others online to take back their health too!