All About Me (Well, Just a Little)

Hey Beautiful People!  I’m Monique and I have a degree in Human Resource Management, I am a  Certified Fitness Trainer.  Health and Wellness is my JAM and I’m on a clean living journey (trying to reduce my exposure to chemicals). I am also a Pastoral Strategist (say what now?) Yea, I’ll explain later but in a nutshell, I Coach Pastors & Spiritual Leaders on how to manage their business and personal lives (espeically their health! Too many Pastors are neglecting their temple and have nutrition-related illnesses).

I’ve always embraced change (by embrace I mean by kicking and screaming and after a massive breakdown) and I have found that many people hate change or are deathly afraid of it.  If YOU don’t change, NOTHING CHANGES and that’s not a good thing in health or business (or fashion-maybe I should add that to our discussion he-he-he).  That’s why I’m on a mission to change the way we think about health.  It’s time for a more practical approach and that’s why I’m here (you’re welcome).