Join the 5 Day Sugar free Challenge

Watch Your Cravings Almost Disappear In Just 5 Days

Hey Ministry Leader! Can't Lose Weight Because You're Having Trouble Resisting that Sugar Demon?

Join the 5 Day Sugar Free Challenge and Watch Your Cravings Almost Disappear In Just 5 Days Without Having To Give Up All Carbs.

What you'll get

Meal plan and recipes

Find out why sugar causes cravings

10 ways to break your sugar addiction

Discover what to do when you feel a craving coming on

A guide to sugar alternatives

How to avoid those afternoon cravings and what to do after the 5 day challenge

Meet Your Coach, Monique

About Monique

Hi! I’m Monique!  My ministry is helping Ministry Leaders who are burned out from taking care of others, take care of themselves so that they have the energy and stamina for ministry.

I’m a Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, a Pastoral Strategist, and a Wellness Ministry Consultant.  I take a Practical Holistic Approach to Training and Life, and I can’t wait to help you too!

Whatcha waiting for? let's do it!

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