Making the Change Vlog Ep. 3 (Did I Lose More Weight? Hmmm)

OMG!!! Hey Beautiful People!!!!! It’s another weigh-in day and I am pretty excited! I’m doing great and the thing that I’m most proud of is that I have NO CRAVINGS!!!!

Yea! I’m doing the Carlton 🙌🏼 I finally feel in control and that’s a great feeling!!! Anywho, here’s my weekly weigh-in, accountability video and it’s really short because I’m really tired today 😩 I promise to have content later (checkout last week’s video here to see what my weigh-in for that week)….Did you start your New Year’s Resolution early? Let me know how it’s going and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel to watch my progress and to share yours (just click here). Also, I’ll have some freebies next year for my subscribers 🤗 Ok, see ya next week!

SN: WordPress is getting on my nerves and my videos won’t upload in my blog anymore so here’s a link & hopefully the link will work 🤬

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